Just a Thought on Amanda Knox

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

I would like to make it very clear that this post is in no way my saying that I believe Amanda Knox is guilty for the murder of Meredith Kercher. I want to make that known because, basically, I don’t know whether she’s guilty or not. The more I read up on it, the more conflicted I feel.

Rather, I’d like to bring up some questions that have been concerning me:

  1. What if Amanda Knox was not white? (Meaning: Black, Hispanic, etc.)
  2. What if Amanda Knox was unattractive? (Meaning: not pretty.)

Yes, of all the questions to ask about this case, these are the ones I’m asking. Because frankly, the media is not addicted to this story only because they seek out justice. Sure, that’s part of it – Americans think she’s innocent and should not spend 25 years in Italian prison, and Italians are convinced she’s guilty based on evidence that really isn’t evidence at all and think she should rot in prison.

Americans, in the meantime, are adamant that this is a patriotic issue. “Italians hate Americans” is one of the reasons you hear constantly about why Amanda Knox has been such bait for the Perugia government.

So Americans can’t stop talking about how much they love her and want her innocence proven, and Italians can’t stop talking about how much they hate her and know she’s guilty. If Amanda Knox wasn’t a seemingly-wholesome and pretty white college student, would our media still be so hung up on her case? And likewise, would the Italian media still be so obsessed if they couldn’t say things like, for instance, she has “the face of an angel, but the eyes of a killer”?

Again, not saying she’s guilty or not guilty. I’m also not saying that I don’t feel sorry for her, because honestly it is eerie to see a girl my age (also in love with Italian culture) going through all of this, sentenced to 26 years in a foreign country, with the possibility that she may not be guilty at all. I don’t know how to feel about the crime, but I know how I feel about the media’s obsession with it.

Our media has been called out on spending too much air time on white females who are murdered or go missing. (See: “missing white woman syndrome”.) So if Amanda Knox wasn’t white, young, and beautiful, would the intrigue and passion for the case all but disappear? Or is it really an issue of patriotism and justice?

8 thoughts on “Just a Thought on Amanda Knox

  1. Not all Americans think she’s innocent. In fact, I think that you will find large numbers who support the verdict and remember that Meredith Kercher was/is the REAL VICTIM.

  2. As an American expat living in Italy, I can tell you that NOT all Americans believe she is innocent. Furthermore, those of us that live here, understand the culture, and speak the language (and can read the italian newspapers) believe she is very much guilty.

    What boggles my mind is why so many Americans find it implausible that she “could” be guilty. What IS clear is that Amanda Knox lied continuously with regard to her whereabouts the night Meredith was murdered. This is not exactly consistent with total innocence.

    If she were black, most would either not care of at least trust the verdict handed down. There would be no national outcry about how Italians hate Americans. How absurd!

  3. amanda is innocent.the people who gave mignini power must take it away before he does any more harm.using forenzic evidence that has been condemed putting a homeless man and a convicted drugpusher on the witness stand to lie for the prosecution is how this conviction was achieved. tony the police lied continually in this case for two years with the help of the press they claimed to have unshakable proof of amandas guilt but when push came to shove at the trial all they could prove is that they lied for two years

  4. It is difficult to know what really happened without greater access to the evidence. Police are more than capable of manufacturing evidence or lying about what a suspect said during an interrogation. And the stress of a lengthy, hostile interrogation can cause a suspect to make admissions that are untrue in an effort to placate the interrogators. The best analysis of the case I’ve read was at http://www.relentlessdefense.com/amanda.knox.html.

  5. I think Amanda just reminds most Americans (who are white and more-or-less middle class) of someone they just personally know… or even of themselves. I was leaning toward team Amanda myself because she just sounds like a typical college kid who may be irritating and obnoxious but who can’t possibly be capable of murder.

    Upon more research, though, I’ve found it hard to believe she’s not involved at all. All the lies she told just gave her away. If I were in her shoes and I really was innocent, I would at least have the same story about what I was doing that night… even if I might not have exact time for everything done (I have a terrible sense of time).

    It is sad, though, that the main reason she’s getting all this support id because she’s white and wholesome-looking. There’s one article I read where the judge said something like, “I find this hard too because [Amanda and her ex-boyfriend] are both young people in their twenties,” which I found funny because people in their twenties go to jail all the time. Most of they just don’t come from the same racial/class background as Amanda and her ex.

  6. That Amanda Knox is guilty is not even open to debate. The only people who believe that she is innocent are low-information individuals who have read a few badly written stories. Anyone who has researched the evidence knows she is guilty.

    That aside I think you touch on a very interesting and overlooked racial element in this trial.

    1) Amanda Knox accused a black man because she felt it would be easier. Patrick was actually the second black man Amanda Knox had tried to implicated. Previously she had directed the police to Hicham Khiri but he had an alibi.

    2) Knox’s supporters apply race-specific criteria to the evidence. The bra clasp should be considered questionable because it was collected on the second pass but the majority of the DNA evidence against Rudy Guede was also collected on the second pass and that is fine. So much so that they actually magnify the amount found.

    3) Rudy Guede is always described as the Ivorian drifter except he wasn’t a drifter. He had an apartment less than 100 meters from Raffaele Sollecito’s apartment. Rudy worked as a landscaper and previous to that had attended school. When his dad left Italy a prominent family agreed to care for Guede so that he could have a better life in Italy.

    4) A lot of the core Amanda Knox supporters are racist. I’m not talking about your average person who knows nothing except for what they heard from catching a few minutes of CNN but the group of people who advocate for her. Search and you’ll find plenty of blogs that don’t even try to hide that they are run by racists. Look at the profiles of the people in her support group and more than 75% will have affiliations with groups that are racist in their social media. Even look at the sites that advocate for Knox. They claim to advocate for the wrongfully convicted but they all have between 8 and 12 convicts who are all white and guilty. In a country where being poor and black is the most likely cause of a wrongful conviction there isn’t a single black person on their list. That isn’t an innocent person on their list either.

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