‘Live’ Blog: Oscars 2010 Commentary!

5:24: So, this is a “live” blog with quotation marks around it because I don’t really have somewhere important to be tonight for the Oscars. It’s not like I’m on the red carpet, or at the Vanity Fair party later. But, tune in if you are interested in hearing my running commentary (ranging anywhere, I’m assuming, from catty to insightful – but probably mostly catty), and PLEASE share your thoughts in the comments!

5:27: Watching E!’s live red carpet coverage. I hate Giuliani Rancic. She bothers me. Also, Ryan Seacrest still does not understand how Avatar was made, apparent by his interview with Zoe Saldana (whose dress is AWESOME, by the way.)

5:46: Just filled out my ballot, though I may make revisions before the show…Am I the only one who still cares about comparing ballots?

5:52: OMG, Tina Fey!!! *fangirl*

6:03: Why do I have Ke$ha’s awful “P. Diddy” stuck in my head? …Oh right! Because E! insists on playing it during all of their Oscar commercials! WHY.

6:31: Meryl Streep is standing WAY too close to Ryan Seacrest. Funny that she called him out on “secretly” telling Sandra Bullock she’s gonna win the Best Actress category. But…GABBY SIDIBE FTW!

6:38: Tried to watch the Barbara Walters special. Got bored. And now Keanu Reeves is on E!’s red carpet coverage?

6:40: “If fashion was porn, this dress is the MONEY shot!” Gabourey Sidibe just said that. She looks incredible. She’s so bubbly. And she just did a sassy toe-to-head shot with the camera guy, ordering: “Get this! Get ALL of this!” Please, please, please win the Oscar.

6:42: Just had an “a-ha moment” watching that bit with Gabby Sidibe.

7:23: There might not be much to update on until the show starts…Although, a group of us agreed SJP looks awful. Sorry, Sarah.

7:31: What’s with this useless “best actor and actress” line-up onstage?

7:34: WHOA. Antonio Banderas’ beard.

7:48: Awkward opening with the hosts, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin…Who wrote their one-liners? But yay for Christoph Waltz!

8:03: Miley Cyrus. WHY.

8:03: And is it just me, or are the nominations going in a weird order tonight?

8:08: Poll request from a fellow Oscar-watcher: “Who’s more attractive: Helen Mirren or Meryl Steep?”

8:12: Tina Fey and Robert Downey, Jr. are hilarious. Especially Downey. Tina looks FIERCE! Great rapport between the two.

8:14: Also, I’m glad they are doing the same screenplay format as last year. I like seeing the writing on screen.

8:17: Molly Ringwald?!?! ….MOLLY RINGWALD?!?! Amazing. But wait, Molly – What are you wearing as jewelry?

8:18: Appreciating the John Hughes tribute though.

8:19: A little late for this, but…I am glad The Hurt Locker won Best Original Screenplay. Will it sweep this year?

8:21: Macaulay Culkin! Enjoying this 80s/90s actor line-up. Culkin still looks TWELVE.

8:23: OMG, John Hughes’ kids look JUST. LIKE HIM. Twilight actors are all, “Oh…I guess I’ll clap…But who’s John Hughes?”

8:34: Is that woman in the purple supposed to be up there for the Prudence short win? She’s getting weird looks like, “Who ARE you?!” Is she pulling a Kanye?

8:35: I love Zoe Saldana’s dress, even though it’s kinda flashy…

8:37: I am not doing well in all of these Shorts categories.

8:39: Okay, Ben Stiller in Avatar costume and making fun of James Cameron’s Golden Globes speech. HILARIOUS.

8:43: Cute! Jeff Bridges presenting the Serious Man preview.

8:52: Short but sweet speech by the writer of Best Adapted Screenplay, Precious. Though Morgan Freeman looked like he dying/falling asleep when they cut to him.

9:00: WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! MO’NIQUE!!!! Like her quote about it being about the talent, and not the politics. WHOOOOOO!!!

9:05: Just seriously got pissed about a few people watching the Oscars with me…Let me just say, it involved Mo’Nique. MO’NIQUE 4EVA!

9:10: “What award is this?” Will Haley (friend): “Best Cut-Outs.”

9:12: Wow, European Woman Who Won for Best Costume Design…THAT was rude. “I already have two of these, so…”

9:18: Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin Paranormal Activity “homage”… Funniest thing they’ve done all night.

9:19: Horror tribute? Unnecessary.

9:20: “Hey, horror movies – you’re entertaining and everything, but…we’d never give you a nomination. Here’s a nice little all-time tribute in 2 minutes to make up for it though.” – The Academy

9:22: They haven’t announced an award in a long time, have they?

9:23: Is it just me, or does the Morgan Freeman voice-over and overall sound suddenly SUCK as they introduce the SOUND nominations?

9:27: So far, The Hurt Locker has more awards than Avatar…….. *Team Bigelow*

9:29: Another cutesy thing: Travolta announcing the preview for the Inglourious Basterds nomination.

9:36: WHOA. James Cameron’s wife looks old and anorexic. James Cameron still looks like a penis.

9:37: Another catty fashion comment: Not crazy about Demi Moore’s dress color.


9:42: Farrah Fawcett’s death – forgotten because she died on the same day as MJ. Even at the Oscars.

9:47: Dear Oscars: I don’t WANT to see the original score of The Hurt Locker or Sherlock Holmes danced out onstage. It’s awkward.

9:54: My Ballot Update: Not doing so well. 8 for 16. Yikes.

9:57: George Clooney has been SO over this ceremony since it started. Love him.

10:05: YAY! The Cove won! Though I need to see it still. It looks really good. LOL @ the “TEXT DOLPHIN” sign guy! Hahahaha.

10:08: Damn. I wanted Inglourious Basterds to win Best Editing. But The Hurt Locker deserves it, I think. Not mad about it. My ballot is just hurting from it. And that lady could’ve worn something that didn’t look like messy, oversized lingerie. (Catty. Sorry.)

10:15: Whoa! Almodovar presenting the Best Foreign Language Film, though Broken Embraces was totally snubbed in the Spain selection for the category!

10:19: The Oscars: “Hmm…who can we get to present the Avatar nomination preview who’s worked with James Cameron?…Leo? No, he won’t do it. Kathy Bates.”


10:27: OMG! George Clooney smiled!

10:30: Slight OT: The Onion – “Sources: George Clooney Looking Good.”

10:32: Do we really have to re-announce the actors we just talked about individually for 10 minutes?

10:34: The Dude has a cute little laugh.

10:35: Kelly Cutrone tweet from a few minutes ago: “Quentin should not speak Spanish.” I love that Kelly Cutrone is live tweeting the Oscars!

10:41: OPRAH! I hope I have another “a-ha moment.” (See: 6:42)

10:43: Moment of truth: GABBY FTW!!!!!!

10:44: I’ve been pronouncing Gabourey Sidibe’s name wrong this. whole. time. Also, she looks so honored/shocked to have Oprah do her introduction!

10:45: Aching for Gabby to win. Seriously.

10:47: NERVOUS. Go Gabby!

10:48: Sandra’s alright. But eff this. Why is she getting a standing ovation? Gabby deserved it. End of story.

10:50: Ebert tweet from just now: “And now the voters are thinking: But it would have been something if Gabby had won.”

10:52: Lame.

10:53: Everyone wants Bigelow to win. Hear that applause when Steisand alludes to her?


10:58: Wow. That was quick. Hurt Locker wins it. Not mad about that.

10:59: Seeing Bigelow hold 2 Oscars makes me very happy.

11:00: Take that, James Cameron. THE. END.

11:01: Ebert tweets, poignantly: “‘Well, the time has come,’ said Barbra Steisand, before naming BIgelow. We’ll see that moment replayed for years.”

11:03: My final ballot count: 13. Did not win. Again…

11:04: Well, that’s all, folks. Any final thoughts, comments, or rants and raves?

11:28: Final thought (promise): I am proud of women tonight. We need more women in film, making the big decisions in film. That is all. Congrats, Kathryn Bigelow. Thanks everyone for tuning in and sharing your comments as well!

16 thoughts on “‘Live’ Blog: Oscars 2010 Commentary!

  1. is it me or does it become more and more apparent with every interview that ryan seacrest is basically a socially awkward 8th grader in an armani suit?

    • LOL! Touche. He had no idea what he was talking about when discussing the Avatar technology with Zoe.

      Thanks for moving it to the blog :-) I just know I’ll have a hard enough time multi-tasking with commentary…lol.

  2. this comment is going to probably be the most effeminate thing I’ve ever said, but…

    Did Charlize Theron get that dress from the Little Mermaid?

  3. That sound designer was terrifying. He was like if Edgar Winter and one of the Hills Have Eyes mutants had a giant baby.

    “One of the ghosts from the Matrix just stole an oscar!” – John Hodgman

  4. Loved this! Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you ABSOLUTELY on the following:

    9:12: Wow, European Woman Who Won for Best Costume Design…THAT was rude. “I already have two of these, so…”

    9:23: Is it just me, or does the Morgan Freeman voice-over and overall sound suddenly SUCK as they introduce the SOUND nominations?

    9:36: WHOA. James Cameron’s wife looks old and anorexic. James Cameron still looks like a penis.


    Let’s discuss this over dinner and wine this week.

  5. haha i loved reading this after the fact. YEAH on the prudence thing, that SUCKED that she just hopped up there, i seriously thought she was doing a Kanye–that poor guy didn’t know what happened to his speech.

    Horror movie comment was nice haha

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