“Remain Silent No Longer”: Rage Against the Polanski

I’ve written a lot about Roman Polanski since he was arrested – after 30+ years – for raping a 13-year-old girl back in the 70s. So now that he chose to speak out for the first time this weekend, it just seems right to “Rage Against the Polanski” once again. Because after all, “Polanski” has become a machine in itself – made up of pompous, privileged and delusional supporters in Hollywood and Europe who seem to think Polanski is above being punished for committing rape.

The main reason? “It was so long ago!” The other reason? Well, let’s let Polanski explain that one to us:

“I can remain silent no longer because the request for my extradition addressed to the Swiss authorities is founded on a lie,” writes Polanski, who blames Marina Zenovich’s HBO documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired for stirring up career-mongering LA prosecutors into acting on his long dormant case.

Oh, of course. The Wanted and Desired documentary from 2008…Which, as illuminating as it was, didn’t exactly vilify Polanski as much as it should or could have. It was fairly balanced as far as “telling both sides” goes. And it even ended with a close friend of the director’s saying – oh so poetically – how Polanski became “wanted” in the U.S. after he fled his crime, and then “desired” in France/Europe (but particularly France, with their odd glamorization and defensiveness of him). This seemed to me as if the documentary might be ultimately glorifying Polanski as some sort of misunderstood but irresistible legend – which sounds a hell of a lot better than “pervert-turned-fugitive who fled his rape crime.”

You can download Polanski’s full statement here. It’s basically everything you’ve already heard from the “Free Polanski” crowd but with added melodrama – as Polanski highlights the “injustices” of his case with the prefaced statement in bold, “I can remain silent no longer because…”

Best part:

I can remain silent no longer because I have been placed under house
arrest in Gstaad and bailed in very large sum of money which I have
managed to raise only by mortgaging the apartment that has been my
home for over 30 years, and because I am far from my family and unable to

Aside from the fact that I just don’t give a…, this heap of “boo-hoo-poor-me” B.S. completely contradicts Polanski’s opening sentences: “I have had my share of dramas and joys, as we all have, and I am not going to try to ask you to pity my lot in life.” No. That’s exactly what you’re doing. And that’s exactly what everyone in support of you has been doing since September.

And ahhh yes. The media is just “out to get” Polanski. To make an example of him. Yeah. That’s it. Sure, the media loves it. But what really happened is that the U.S. finally ARRESTED him for his RAPE CRIME. I mean, some people agree with me on this, right?!

Oh, and then this happened on indieWIRE:

While I object to people who suggest that Polanski never did anything terribly wrong—he did—I do think that at his advanced age he bears little threat to anyone and has been punished, served time, and should be able to break out of this impasse. Was he a libertine and a reprobate, did he behave criminally and break the law? Yes. I’d like to see him cop to what he did. But this case is old and cold. There must be a way to fix this.

By the way, The Ghost Writer was one of Polanski’s best, sharpest, most personal films in a long while. I want to see him make more films.

Really, Anne Thompson?

And with that, I’ve unfortunately exhausted most words that I can muster up for this argument. All I have left to say is this:

I can remain silent no longer because Roman Polanski is a rapist who never served time for raping a 13-year-old girl; because I don’t care how old he is, or how long ago it was; because as The New Yorker explored, Polanski relished girls who were minors and showed no remorse for raping or engaging in sex with them; because someone needs to put his old, perverted, privileged, “above-statused” ass in jail already; because anyone who still thinks Polanski is either innocent or should be “let go” of the case needs to seriously reevaluate themselves; and because reallywhat’s not to understand?

7 thoughts on ““Remain Silent No Longer”: Rage Against the Polanski

  1. Really just imagine some Joe schmoe drugging and raping a 13-year-old and getting away with it. I’d love to see the Hollywood folks stick up for Joe schmoe and say he doesn’t belong in jail. It’s sick. Polanski deserves no pity whatsoever.

    • EXACTLY. It’s disgusting, and completely comes from a place of privilege, A-class status. They’re all just protecting “their own,” and seem to think that his creative genius somehow makes up for the fact that he raped a minor, or that he’s guilty at all. I was so disappointed with many of my favorite filmmakers who signed that damn petition…

  2. Emma Thompson, one of my favorite actresses, first signed the petition. Then she took her name off of it, because she said she didn’t know the full extent of the crime, and that she felt pressured to participate. I’m glad that she took her name off, but honestly, how stupid is that? It really makes me wonder, and makes me depressed over so many of the people in Hollywood who signed that petition, essentially sticking together, and smearing their facts, because they treat the Hollywood system as an elite club that you can only be a part of to truly understand. Like, THEY know why he’s innocent, and us silly regular folk are misguided and ignorant. PUH-LEASE!

    • REALLY? That’s interesting…I hadn’t heard anything about that. That is just EMBARRASSING, Emma Thompson. But yeah – makes you wonder how many people actually KNOW what the hell they are saying and representing and promoting by wearing that stupid orange “Free Polanski” badge on themselves, or signing the petition! Ridiculous.

      That’s one of the biggest downfalls of Hollywood – a lot (but not ALL) just stand for something without knowing why they stand for it or what it really means. And they have too much influence to not be informed about the things they are standing behind.


      “It really makes me wonder, and makes me depressed over so many of the people in Hollywood who signed that petition, essentially sticking together, and smearing their facts, because they treat the Hollywood system as an elite club that you can only be a part of to truly understand. Like, THEY know why he’s innocent, and us silly regular folk are misguided and ignorant. PUH-LEASE!”

      Yes. Dead-on.

      • Also, makes me think of that interesting George Clooney speech at the Oscars where he said that people always accuse Hollywood of being “out of touch,” but that they have supported so many progressive things before it was acceptable…That seems like a good point to make in some respects, but also comes off as another pompous “you regular folks just don’t KNOW” statement (And I LOVE Clooney, but yeah.)

        Because if you wanna talk “progressive,” supporting Roman Polanski is NOT the way to go, and ONLY comes across to everyone not in Hollywood as completely “out of touch.”

  3. Just a short note to say I’m with you on this one. I posted a couple of short thoughts on this old slime crime some months ago. I’m glad the rage hasn’t gone. From memory, he was found guilty of the crime then fled the U.S. Really it’s a no brainer that he should serve the time. He has his own kids apparently: that teaches them that crime does pay. Would he share the same empathy for another guy who had raped his daughter? What about these hypocritical morons defending him. What if it was their sister or daughter?Is he a pedophile? What about the incestuous industry friends trying to defend him? It just goes on. Who cares what his job is? If it was some low profile criminal, he would already be in jail after being kicked out of the country. He is a rapist and should be with other rapists; in jail. No more, no less.

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