Sleigh Bells’ “Infinity Guitars” Video: Bad Ass-ness Visualized

If you hadn’t heard of the noisy but catchy lo-fi band Sleigh Bells before, you probably have now between the MTV coverage and the ever-dreaded indie-rock-band-goes-to-car-ads Honda commercial. I’m not sure why, but this is almost exactly how I imagined the music video to be for the track “Infinity Guitars.” Whenever I listened to it I had this perpetual image of frontwoman Alexis Krauss strutting down a street like a bad ass during her lip-sync. And then what do you do with the other half of the Sleigh Bells equation – guitarist (formerly of Poison the Well) Derek E. Miller? Have him strut too, of course – except while playing the distinctive guitar riffs.

The cheerleaders sidenote may seem random, but not if you’ve listened to the rest of the debut album, Treats. The semi-theme of the collection denotes some kind of high school voice, point of view, or commentary. Almost like a fiery rage that is angsty but also mocks teenage angst at the same time – with Krauss and Miller bringing the “cool kid” vibe, the kind of kids who didn’t need backpacks and nonchalantly swung their books around and skipped class.

I may be biased because it came out close to what I had hoped for, but I would say that the new Sleigh Bells video delivers – even if it’s a short but sweet experience (as most of their tracks are, anyway). While the live performances may not impress yet (another story altogether), let’s hope the rest of their music video career does.

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