Erykah Badu Strips at the Grassy Knoll in “Window Seat” Video

Yes, you read that right.

This Erykah Badu video for the song “Window Seat” was filmed guerilla style and plays out in one single take. In a sentence: The camera follows Badu as she gradually takes off her clothes in a walk from a car to the place where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas – while several tourists and bystanders (including children) watch in shock. Badu hails from Dallas herself, for whatever significance that holds on the video. Here’s the full (censored) version:

The video’s biggest strength is the fact that it was (and had to be) done in one single shot. The best parts are when we see Badu fidget and hesitate to take off the next article of clothing, looking around somewhat self-consciously. You can tell that it’s setting in what she’s actually doing, but she has to keep doing it because they literally only have one shot at it before people start to get suspicious. After all, they have no permits and a woman is stripping down in public. Cops are a definite possibility. (She was, in fact, later charged with a class C misdemeanor.) If this was a standard, highly stylized music video with editing cuts galore, it just would not have the same effect.

You can also watch the video on her website right now in reverse, along with a short commentary from Badu in the beginning. Equally fascinating.